VXL Network

Eco-Friendly, Quantum Speed, AI Security, Scalability

A next generation Blockchain for the people and the worlds leading conglomerates, opting for a user-driven foundation to build, hold and scale digital assets. Designed to facilitate a local and international digital community, choosing to use VXL NETWORK takes you into the future of the decentralised spectrum, making it secure and empowering users across borders.

Almost instant transfers

Digital asset transactions on VXL Network are finalised within a second and at a zero cost transaction fee.

All secure

We protect all the data provided by the users and with our Quantum AI security, it completely prevents any hacker attacks and making it impossible to have any leaks of information. None of the users data is sent to third parties unless authorised by the user.

Highly scalable

VXL Network can process 7000 transactions per 0.1 second and scale to thousands of external chain nodes.
VXL Networks foundation contains various user-driven development tools to assist with building on our open-source network.

Multi Chain compatibility

You don’t have to wait to use digital currency, VXL Network is ready when you are.
VXL Network has all the known external blockchain nodes integrated within our foundation, allowing all digital assets from chains such as Ethereum, Tron, Matic & Bitcoin to be utilised within the VXL Network.

VXL Network Ecosystem

10+ dApps already deployed

VXL Network is growing, with thousands of active daily users. If you’re a Dev team or Conglomerate, you can apply for the VXL Network affiliation Program.

Developer friendly

Open Source

Having access to the VXL Network API or node with little work generation capability and a wallet application, is all that is needed to get your integration going. Whether you’re building the next great VXL Wallet, integrating fee-less transactions into a game or building a custom integration for your business, there are plenty of developer tools ready to help you. With a BSD-3-Clause license, VXL Network is not only an open network but an open source piece of software. All collaborators are invited to help develop on the fast, eco-friendly and fee-less VXL Network!

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VM compatible

VXL Network is fully compatible with Virtual Machines such as Ethereums EVM and other scalable friendly layer 2 chains. This allows you to deploy your dApps at a fraction of a cost and experiment with VXL Network’s high performance.

Go integrations

We integrated industry-leaders Google Go, to provide integrations for developers on our Chainlink and Band United Arab Emirates for maximum flexibility for development.

Open source

VXL Network code is completely open source. Anyone can read it, check on the progress, comment on it, and help contribute to the future of blockchain.

Robust APIs

Use the Graph’s subgraphs and VXLD Networks robust Web3JS APIs to build wallets, explorers, games, metaverses, payment systems or data analysis tools.

VXLC Staking

Stake on VXL Network

Earn rewards by staking your VXLC to help gow the network. Choose your staking preference, start earning with just a few clicks and use your staked funds as collateral in DeFi.

Stake your VXLC now


Earn up to 13% APY

Stake-as-you go earns around 4% APY on your capital, up to 13% for a one-year commitment to staking.

Choose your reward terms

You can choose how long to lock your delegation for: from no lock to up to a year lock for increased staking rewards.

Unlock liquidity

On VXL Network , your delegated VXLC gives you more VXLC, a VXL-based synthetic asset you can use within the VXL Network DeFi ecosystem.

Compound your stake

You can claim your reward every few hours and compound them for even greater returns on your delegation.

Estimate your reward
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